Amount Funded For Veterans to Date: $1,005,745


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At HERO Company, our mission is to partner with other patriots to promote our work with Veterans. In the end, more exposure for our mission equals more funds raised for Veterans in need. That is what matters. We are proud to showcase our 2022 Ambassadors🇺🇸: James Duncan – Bassmaster Touring Pro   Randy Plyler – Bassmaster Touring Pro @Randyplyler   Mosley Racing – @Mosley_Racing      

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We are honored to partner with multiple fine organizations that provide dogs for Veterans across a spectrum of PTSD needs. Our partners include:Patriotic Service Dog FoundationSierra DeltaPatriot PawsGreaterGoodCharities Want to connect with us? Reach us through this form

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Army Veteran Has Panic Attack During An On Camera Interview. His Service Dog Springs Into Action .

United States servicemen and women risk their lives and leave their families to protect this nation. Unfortunately, sometimes they return home with injuries from service. Thankfully, there is some relief for our warriors. This is the story of one serviceman and the dog that came to his aid. An American Hero Erick Scott served in the Army National Guard and Army for sixteen years. He traveled to Iraq on behalf of the United States. His time abroad was not easy. Unfortunately, he did not return home with all his brothers…

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Jim and Amora: How A Three Legged Shelter Dog Saved A Suicidal Veteran

Jim Brakewood Jr. might look like kind of a scary dude. At 6’2”, loaded with muscles, long, wild hair and a beard to match, he cuts a pretty imposing figure. It’s as if a Viking decided he wasn’t ready for Valhalla just yet and decided to pay Instagram a visit instead. He has a soft spot for dogs, though. In particular, his Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Amora. Jim has seen war. In two tours in Iraq, he has been in battle, he has been wounded, and he has lost friends. During…

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Wounded Soldier And Military Dog Reunite After Receiving Purple Hearts

Six months into his deployment to Afghanistan, Spc. Alec Alcoser grabbed his dog’s leash and left the barracks. It was a mission day, and Alcoser and his partner, a German Shepherd named Alex, were reporting to duty. They’d been working together for months and already had a close bond. They slept in the same bed, enjoyed their free time together, and always had each other’s backs. On that day, their friendship was put to the ultimate test. Rounding a street corner, Alcoser and Alex saw a local Afghan walking toward…